I take both private and commercial commissions. (More information on that here.) For just about anything, the best way to contact me is e-mail:

               I'm particularly interested in hearing about potential comics projects, children's books, podcasts, anthologies, conventions, and any and all comments and criticisms on my work.

               To answer a few questions ahead of time:

  • If you have a script you'd like me to illustrate, I'm always willing to look, but I'm very unlikely to take on such work without a promised up-front page rate.
  • I pencil with Pentel colored leads and ink mainly with Windsor & Newton Sceptre Gold brushes and Koh-I-Noor Rapidograph pens.
  • I scan my art on a giant, ancient Epson 836XL, which weighs as much as a young child and could hold one if hollowed out properly.
  • I finish work on both a MacBook Pro and an old Windows XP PC. I have an Inuos 2 tablet for each, and mainly use the programs Photoshop, Illustrator, Painter, and Paint Tool SAI.
               I also frequent the following forums, but don't expect to notice me, as I lurk most of the time:

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